No Hassle

Send cards with one click

We handle everything from writing to shipping, so you can send handwritten cards directly from your CRM for as little as $2 per card.

The personal touch of the hand-lettered cards really resonated with our customers, and we saw a significant increase in both sales and referrals.

Dean J.

VP - Marketing and Advertising

Boost growth

Stand out from the competition

To keep your company top of mind, send cards at various touchpoints

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Product launch
  • Event invitation

Unlike printed ones, these cards are crafted using a real pen, with each stroke mirroring the natural movements of a human hand. Each campaign has an impressive open rate of 100%, and we have observed a significant boost in our donor engagement.

Elizabeth K.

Donor Relations

Unlock next-level growth

Tailored to your business

We custom build campaigns specifically for your business. Your handwritten cards will be authentically written to fit your voice.

  • High quality cards
  • Canadian postage
  • Handwritten address

Wow, the customer support we received was absolutely amazing! They assisted us in designing a customized card, composing a message, and got everything shipped out to our clients in less than 10 days. Our sales event was a huge success, and we received so many compliments on the unique and personal touch of the cards.

Tristen H.

Event Coordinator

The easiest set-up possible

SparkLoop has native integrations with 15+ email platforms. So you'll be making referrals within minutes... no code needed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Increase your sales by building deep and lasting bonds with your customers through the power of handwritten cards.

Is there a minimum order?

To make your marketing campaigns more cost-effective and offer competitive pricing per card, we have set a minimum order quantity of 1000 cards per purchase.

Do you write on the envelope too?

One of the key reasons why our solution is so effective is our remarkably high open rate. We achieve this by handwriting on the envelopes, which is included in the price.

Can I send you my own cards?

We want to ensure that your notes are beautifully crafted on quality paper without any smudging or ink issues. To achieve this, we kindly request that you send us your design files, and we'll take care of the printing on premium cardstock at a comparable price.

Will my clients know the card wasn't sent by me?

Our handwriting is almost identical to human writing, making it difficult for recipients to distinguish between the two. Additionally, our cards include your return address and a real stamp.

Have any more questions?

We're a friendly bunch and always eager to assist. Don't hesitate to reach out to us, and we'll be more than happy to help you out in any way we can.